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The Struggle of the Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru
to preserve the precious rainforest and their way of life

By Ray Beckerman

I am going to collect links here to sources of information about this important and heroic struggle. The fight these beautiful people are waging is not just for themselves, but for all mankind. The rainforest, and the culture and ways of life of these and other indigenous peoples, are precious resources which form part of our heritage. It is not a luxury, but a necessity, that human rights be respected, and that our natural resources be preserved.

It is no accident that so much of our most precious, remaining natural resources are in the hands of indigenous people, because they do not see themselves as owners, but as stewards, of nature's precious gift. They have taught us that the land is not something we inherit from our fathers, but something we borrow from our children.

The senseless brutal attacks on these people, starting with a pre-dawn helicopter attack upon defenseless people sleeping on the side of a road, and continuing with numerous instances of shocking brutality, including the hunting of unarmed people with machine guns shooting from helicopters and the forcible removal of injured people from hospitals, are crimes against humanity, and cry out for the immediate prosecution of Pres. Alan Garcia and others responsible.

(If you know of other events or actions, please send to RayBeckerman on Twitter or by email.)

A great list of actions that can be taken, including protest events, and contact information for Peruvian Government, United States Government, and United Nations, is maintained here on Peruanista.
Amnesty International call for full investigation
Action Alert: Tell Peruvian President Alan Garcia: Stop the persecution of Amazonian indigenous leaders
Youth for Truth
Petition to sign
Contribute to Peru emergency Fund
"Action Alert in Solidarity with the Peoples of Peru"
fPcN Call to Action
Join Facebook Group "Solidarity With Peru" (Solidaridad con Perú)
Send a message to the President of Peru
Join Q'orianka Kilcher's Action alert and information meetings, email:
Contribute to "Intercontinental Cry" web site; a voice of indigenous people worldwide

Information (Time Lines):
"Protests in Peru" (Amazon Watch)
"Peru: Indigenous People declaring the real state of emergency" (Intercontinental Cry)

Research tool
Servindi (Spanish)
AIDESEP (Spanish)
Lucha Indigena (Spanish)
Informe Bagua en Minoría (Spanish)
Report:Peru:Chronicle of Deception.Attempts to transfer Awajun territory in Cordillera del Condor to Mining Industry
Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources : keyword search "Bagua"

Information (News stories):
Film "Remembering Bagua" (video 22:00 minutes) on Vimeo
New film "Remembering Bagua"
"High Court Orders Peru To Consult Indiginous Peoples On Mining, Oil Projects"
"British environmental activist reprieved as expulsion suspended"
"Peru expels British environmental activist"
"Peru's President Garcia Widely Criticized for Refusing to Sign Indigenous Rights Legislation into Law"
"Native Peoples' Right to Consultation on Land Use Enshrined in Law"
"Outrage over Peru-Brazil Energy Agreement"
"Indigenous Rights in Peru: We just need one signature!"
"Perenco moves one step closer to building pipeline"
Indigenous leader arrested on return to Peru
"Under the guns"
Report blames Peru’s government for Amazon violence (Survival)
"New report shows Peru Government's betrayal of Indigenous Peoples"
"PERU: No Justice for Indians in Amazon Massacre" (IPS)
January 19, 2010 report of Ombudsman (Spanish) (*pdf)
"Peru: indigenous leaders reject Bagua massacre report; Garcia intransigent"
"Peruvian Indian won't sign report on deadly clashes"
"Peru: official report on Bagua clashes creates controversy" (Living in Peru)
"The real Avatar story: indigenous people fight to save their forest homes from corporate exploitation" (
"Draft report on Peru violence provokes indigenous anger" (Survival)
"Peru: indigenous people face off with Hunt Oil in rainforest"
"Alert: Possible Attacks in Peru against Indigenous Peoples as Police Forces ready to Protect Hunt Oil project in Amazon Forest - Exclusive Information"
"Indian Political Awakening Stirs Latin America" (Associated Press)
"Peru: Growing conflict between indigenous inhabitants, Hunt Oil and the Peruvian government" (Living in Peru)
"Peru: Amazonian indigenous communities preparing more protests" (Living in Peru)
"Perú: Nativos fallecidos en Bagua no dispararon armas de fuego" (Servindi)
"Resisting the rainforest oil speculators"
"Months after Bagua massacre Peru intends to sell Indigenous peoples land in Amazon forest to oil and gas corporations" (Peruanista)
"Amazon auction’ suspended until later in the year" (Survival)
"Peru to proceed with oil and gas auctions in the Amazon despite indigenous protests" (
"Persecution of Indigenous Leaders Continues in Peru: Police prepare to arrest indigenous leader who was shot 8 times during protest upon his release from hospital'
Demonstrations continue in Peru
"DA confirms Bagua indigenous protesters were not armed" (Peruvian Times)
"‘Business as usual’: Peru approves massive oil project just days after ‘Amazon’s Tiananmen’" (Survival)
"Eyewitness account of killings published" (Survival)
"Massacre in Peru:A Trip into the Amazon brings Answers and More Questions" by Ben Powless (@redman0380)
"Peru's indigenous win victory over lands" (CNN)
"Congress repeals controversial Amazon laws" (Survival)
"PERU: Congress Probes Massacre; Prime Minister to Quit" (IPS News)
Video: Indigenous Leader visits Oil Contamination in Peru's Amazon
"Peru's government Massacre Cover Up: VIDEOS of Indigenous genocide in Bagua shows there could be hundreds dead - PHOTOS protests in Lima" (Peruanista)
"Peru: Attacks to Human Rights and Freedom of Expression" (Global Voices Advocacy)
"We are fighting for our lives and our dignity" (Guardian.Co.UK)
"Q’orianka Kilcher: “Alberto Pizango está en mi corazón” (English) (Great interview with Q'orianka Kilcher)
"Las protestas sociales se desbordan en Andahuaylas" ( (Spanish)
"Der Krieg Perus gegen die Indígenas" (
"Peru's Ministry of Communications closes Bagua radio station" (
"Up to 250 Indigenous Peruvians Killed in Bagua, Says Leader Miguel Palacin" (Ground Report)
"Peru massacre UPDATE: there could be up to 250 killed in Bagua says Indigenous leader Miguel Palacin from Peru" (Peruanista)
"Q'Orianka Kilcher arrives to Peru today to support Indigenous struggle / Q'Orianka Kilcher llega hoy a Perú para apoyar lucha indígena" (Peruanista)
"Protestas en 20 ciudades del mundo se unen a protesta por el genocidio de Bagua en Peru" (Peruanista)
"As Tensions Flare in Peruvian Amazon, Award-Winning Actor Q’orianka Kilcher Heads to Peru to Support Indigenous Rights" (Democracy Now)(Includes video & interview with Q'orianka Kilcher)
"Peru: Battle lines drawn over the Amazon" (Ben Powless)(
"Action Alert in Solidarity with the Peoples of Peru"
"Blood at the Blockade: Peru's Indigenous Uprising" by Gerardo Renique" (Upside Down World)
"Benjamin Bratt & His Filmmaker Brother speak Out Against Killing of Indigenous People in Their Mother's Homeland of Peru" (Amazon Watch)
"Eyewitness Reports Accuse Peruvian Police of Disposing the Bodies of Dead Indigenous Protesters" (Amazon Watch)
"No Oil for Genocide: Indigenous Activists in Peru Clash With Government Over U.S. Free Trade Deal" (BuzzFlash)
"Brutal VIDEOS of Peru's civil war - guerra civil peruana" (Peruanista)
Democracy Now: "Peruvian Police Accused of Massacring Indigenous Protesters in Amazon Jungle" (Including Video)
"Peru: mass grave found in Bagua, Parish Priest says" (
Photos from
"2 Belgian volunteers were witnesses of a bloody conflict in North Peru" (Catapa)
"Peru: controversial death toll on Bagua's clashes" (
"Concerns spread about arrested natives" (
6-minute slide show: must watch! (Provided by Q'orianka Kilcher; prepared by her brother)
Photos by John Cardenas
Analysis: "Peru clashes to oust ministers, force law revamp" (Reuters)
"Most U.S. news reports biased on the Amazon massacre of Peru -
UDPATE on the Bagua crisis: bodies being burned down by Police - attacks continue (Peruanista)"

"Today I died in Bagua: SHOCKING photos and videos of the racist massacre of Bagua in Peru -
IMPACTANTES fotos y videos de la masacre racista de Bagua en Perú." (Peruanista)

"Protests in NYC Washington DC and Los Angeles against genocidal Alan Garcia
attacks and solidarity with Amazon Indigenous of Peru" (Peruanista)

"ALERTA: Masacre en Perú - Policía Nacional dispara a civiles indígenas amazónicos 84 muertos
PROTESTA EN LIMA hoy – escribe al Presidente y Congreso" (Peruanista)

"Peruvian police fire on unarmed indigenous tribes' oil and gas protest" (Photos) (Amazon Watch)
"Police Violently Attack Peaceful Indigenous Blockade in the Peruvian Amazon" (Amazon Watch)
"ALERT: Massacre in Peru Police shooting Amazon Indigenous civilians -
84 people dead PLEASE TAKE ACTION! Send a letter to Peru government" (Peruanista)

"Denuncian que la policía estaría quemando cadáveres de amazónicos" (La
fPcN List of Links about June 5th Massacre
"Bishops urge Peru to protect Amazonian indigenous, environment"
Announcement: Informational meeting in LA Thurs June 4th 7PM on rights of indigenous people of Peruvian Amazon
Thousands march in Peru (Including Video) (Peruanista)
Day 50 of Indigenous Protests in Peru (Amazon Watch)
Oil firms and loggers 'push indigenous people to brink of extinction' (Guardian)
Q'orianka Kilcher thanks supporters of LA May 26th rally (Including Video of May 26th March)
May 26th Protest in Los Angeles (Video)
La Republica (Article)
La Republica (Photo)
La Opinion
Periodismo Enlinea
High resolution video available on request:; 310-606-9424
Peru declares state of emergency (La Voz Nueva)
Occidental Petroleum contamination of Amazon, poisoning of communities (Video)
Demonstration and march, Los Angeles May 26, 2009 (Video)
Army to help police against indigenous people (BBC)
Peru oil pipeline halted on protests in Amazon (Reuters UK)
Peru army moves in to Amazon (Guardian)
"Peru: Indigenous People declaring the real state of emergency" (Intercontinental Cry)

Key accounts to follow on Twitter:
Servindi (Spanish)

Key blogs and websites:
Amazon Watch
Intercontinental Cry
Q'orianka Kilcher on Take Part
Servindi (Spanish)
Mining & Indigenous Rights in the Cordillera del Condor of Peru

Additional accounts to follow on Twitter:
JohnDkarFilms (Photographer on the scene in Peru)

Additional sources of news and information:
Globalizado (Spanish)
Las Burbujas Recargadas (Spanish)

If you know of links I should be adding, please email them to me or DM or tweet them to @RayBeckerman on Twitter.



Photo credits for pictures on right: Photo #1: Amazon Watch; Photo #2: John Cardenas; Photo #3: Intercontinental Cry; Photo #4: Norwatch.

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