We advise and represent small to medium size businesses, and individuals, in a variety of legal areas, including:
  • We handle all kinds of business-related cases in the state and federal courts in New York City and neighboring counties, and retain and supervise counsel in other jurisdictions.

    We also handle arbitrations and mediations in alternate dispute resolution forums.

    Among the many types of business cases with which we have substantial experience are:

    -Entertainment Law;
    -Breach of Contract;
    -Breach of Fiduciary Duty;
    -Restrictive Covenants;
    -Air and Ocean Freight; and
    -Judgment Enforcement.

  • We handle copyright and trademark litigation, advise on copyright and trademark issues, draft, review, and negotiate agreements, and advise on copyright and trademark issues.

    Our digital online copyright law blog, Recording Industry vs The People, has been recognized as one of the all time most popular copyright law blogs in the English language.

  • We are frequently called upon to advise tech startups, web sites, creators, and others on various internet law and technology law issues.

  • We handle all types of entertainment law cases, in litigation and in arbitration.

    Among the well known entertainment cases handled by our attorneys are Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. v. Rich, 281 A.D.2d 329; 723 N.Y.S.2d 8 (1st Dep’t 2001) and Kelly Ripa v. Cathy Parker Management, Inc., 1998 WL 241621 (SDNY 1998)

  • We handle all types of commercial and corporate disputes, in litigation, arbitration, or mediation, or in non-litigation corporate activities, and review, draft and negotiate agreements to resolve such disputes.

  • We handle cases to set aside fraudulent conveyances, pierce the corporate veil, and other complex commercial cases to enforce liabilities against transferees, alter egos, and others.

  • We advise, litigate, review, and draft, restrictive covenants, including noncompete clauses, nonsolicitation clauses, and confidentiality provisions.

  • We have a great deal of experience in commercial collections and judgment enforcement through the litigation process, finding assets, piercing the corporate veil, and pursuing transferees of judgment debtors.

  • We advise and represent clients in the logistics and air and ocean freight field, handling collections of past due invoices, lost, missing, and damaged cargo cases, conversion of shipments, contracts with customers, carriers, and others, and other issues which arise in the logistics and freight field.

  • We counsel and advise on the type of business entity that is right for your enterprise, and we can set it up for you, making sure that the paperwork is done correctly, and your business gets off on the right foot.

    Among other things we:

    -Form corporations, business corporations, professional corporations, and not-for-profit corporations;

    -Form limited liability companies (LLC’s);

    -Prepare and negotiate shareholder agreements and operating agreements.

    In the operation of your business we can help review, draft, and negotiate your company’s agreements with suppliers and customers, and advise you on ways to protect your company’s best interests.